Krieghoff K80 32" Vintage Scroll Sporter

Lightly Used Vintage Scroll Krieghoff K-80 32" Sporter. 10x6 Rib, Adjustable comb. Schnabel Forend. Includes five titanium choke tubes and factory hard case.


Fabarm Axis Grey Sporting 32"

Pre Owned Fabarm AXIS Grey 32" Sporting. Includes six extended choke tubes and factory hard case. Excellent condition.


Fabarm XLR5 FR 32"

Pre Owned Fabarm XLR5 FR 32". Includes five extended choke tubes and factory hard case. Excellent condition.


Colt Sauer 30-06 Sporting Rifle

Pre Owned Colt Sauer Sporting rifle, 30-06, 23" barrel. Made in West Germany by Sauer. Gun is in excellent condition. Appears to be unfired. Some small handling marks. Includes Redfield 3-9 Accu-Trac scope.


Browning 525 Sporting 30"

Pre Owned Browning 525 Sporting, 30" ported. Adjustable butt plate. 14 3/8" LOP. Very good condition. Includes six factory extended choke tubes. Very minor handling marks.


Zoli Z Extra 32" Standard Rib With Briley Tubes

Pre Owned Zoli Z Extra, 32" standard rib. Adjustable comb. Very good condition. About 300 rounds since Zoli refresh.  Includes seven Pure Gold choke tubes and factory hard case. Full set off Briley full length sub gauge tubes with two extended chokes per gauge.


Zoli Z Sport High Rib LH Stock with Bilanx

Used Zoli Left Hand High Rib stock only. Includes Bilanx system. Good condition with few small handling marks. Comb has been cut to a flat as shown in pics.


Remington 1100 Trap 12 Gauge 30"

Pre Owned Remington Model 1100 Trap-T 12 gauge. 30" fixed full choke barrel. 14.25" LOP. Very good condition.


Beretta Silver Pigeon III 28 Gauge 30"

Pre Owned Beretta Silver Pigeon III. Joel Etchen Special. 28 gauge, 30" barrels. EELL wood. Excellent Condition. Includes five flush chokes and hard case.


Weatherby MK XXII 22LR

Pre Owned Weatherby MK XXII. Made in Germany, 22LR. Excellent condition. Includes Leupold VXII 3x4-40 scope and Talley rings.